"Working with Jeremy was an absolute pleasure! His hard work, guidance, kindness and determination went above and beyond. We highly recommend working with him and could not be more grateful for how stress-free he made our buying experience!" - Kyla C.


"We had the pleasure of working with Jeremy Deering from the Exit Realty Team and he was fantastic! Jeremy was patient and answered every question we had. He was very knowledgeable and honest with his opinions about the homes we viewed and also our house sale process. While many real estate agents feel the need to upsell clients, Jeremy uses his local expertise for the benefit of the people he works with. We found him nothing but honest and helpful during our home sale and purchase. When we buy or sell next time, the first agent we're going to reach out to will be Jeremy!" - Trudy T


"By far the BEST Realtor, no pressure and always puts your best interest first!! Always shows you exactly what you are looking for in a house and never waste your time!! He will always be our fist pick to go too!" Tanya B


“I’ve known Jeremy since before he started as a Realtor. I always looked to him for advice on property values and what I should and should not buy. He’s helped me and my wife get that much closer to financial freedom and early retirement” – Jim S.


“Jeremy helped us pick out our very first home! We had no idea of all the different steps we would need to take, and he was able to point out a lot of details about the house even before inspection that we never would have thought to question. It definitely made us feel at ease and much more comfortable” – Nigel & Melissa W


Anyone that has decided to put their house up for sale during the last couple years will know that things have changed in Fredericton. A once static, relatively reliable housing market is not currently our "normal". This change means that our go to resource for selling our homes, the real estate agent, has to adapt. Jeremy Deering understands this. It's a fact that people get emotionally attached to their homes and often struggle with the reality of what the house is worth. The bottom line is your house is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Jeremy will provide researched and educated advice on what price you should list your house for or where to start negotiations on a house you want to buy and will walk you through the entire process using current technology available along the way (i.e. signing and viewing documents electronically, etc.). After a long time on the market I re-listed my house with Jeremy which finally sold this past month. I then used his services to purchase my new house. After showing me countless homes and exercising extreme patience dealing with my overly detailed nature we found my dream home through research and very tough negotiations. Every time I step through my front door I have a feeling of incredible happiness and pride as I did not ever think I would find a place so perfectly matched to my personality while staying in my price range. I am proud to call Jeremy my realtor but more importantly my friend. – Trevor R.


Jeremy works very hard in the Real Estate business,He is aggressive without being offensive. We listed with him also because He is part of the Exit Team. - Janie R