Are you relocating away from Fredericton? I am registered with Brookfield Relocation to help you in the process of moving on to Base Gagetown? If you are RCMP, Government, Canadian Forces, then let's talk.
I have experience with Military Relocating, helping Military Members find a home that perfectly suits and fits their family.  Relocating can be a tough experience, but I can help every step along the way.

 What I’ll do for you:

  • Help find a moving company
  • Refer you to excellent local lawyers
  • Refer you to top notch inspectors
  • I work with 2 excellent bankers/brokers for your mortgage (one in Ontario/Ottawa Area)
  • My buyers all receive FREE electrical inspections
  • My buyers receive FREE pool inspections (if applicable)
  • My buyers receive a FREE professional designer consultation (should you wish)
    • I’ll ensure that your moving experience is as simple and flawless as possible.

Best thing yet? You don’t pay for my services. But this full arsenal is available at your disposal.

I have family that is currently employed by the CF, and finding them homes has been a real passion of mine. I will dedicate 100% of my resources and experience to get you that exact home you are looking for, along with my well crafted negotiation skills to ensure you receive the best possible deal.


Canadian Forces Crest