Should I still list in the winter? Stand out from the crowd!

I hear this question A LOT!
Most people want to list in the spring time and do list in this time frame. I get it. Spring is nice for listings. The temperature is warmer, the grass is green, people are in better spirits! 
However, my argument is that if you are ready - winter is a GREAT time to list. Why?
1. Most people list in the spring, so that means there are technically less listings during the winter. This is a fantastic time for your property to stand out from the crowd, especially to all those people that have looked this past spring and summer and weren't able to find what they're looking for..
2. Showings during the fall and winter months are usually by VERY serious buyers. Most people that venture our in our winters to view a house aren't doing it just to be nosy. In the spring, you can open your doors to tire kickers galore.
It's not uncommon for hundreds of homes to sell in Fredericton during the winter months. Sure, friends and relatives will say that the winter months are slow for real estate, but there is activity. Combined with an accurate starting price for your property and the right marketing, Winter can be just as, or more effective a time to list than in the spring.
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This is a good year to get out the wallet!

Blog post March 3, 2015; 

This year is looking to be a great one! Why you might ask? Home prices are falling in Fredericton, Tax Assessments are too high, and practically everyone that is looking to sell TODAY that has bought a home in the last 3-5 years is really feeling the pinch.

So.. why is this to be a great year? Because now is the time to start your activity. Interest rates are low, high ratio mortgages are still available, and a home that WAS worth $225,000 last year could sell for 10% less than it would have last year.

I look at all homes as investments such like a stock or a bond. Wouldn’t you as an investor be happy if the price of Apple Stock started to come down? I know I would. It would be the optimal time to buy stock. This can be viewed in the same sense.

This is a perfect time to upgrade. If your mortgage is portable, you might be surprised what you could get for the same payments you’re making now.

This is an IDEAL time to get into the rental game.  With more listings on the market, real estate investors (who for the most part are getting near or are at retirement) want to cash out. Many of them hold clear titles with little to no balance on their mortgage. The surplus of homes on the market means they have to get a little more creative to sell. I know of over 20 apartments in the city at this very moment that aren’t on the MLS, and where the owner would hold a second mortgage on the property.

**Usually I wouldn’t recommend a VTB mortgage, but with rates low, prices coming down, and even the cost of a second mortgage not all that high (not to mention rates have NOT dropped for us anyway). All of these factors mean your net ROI when you’re talking about Cash + Equity is better than it would have been for quite some time.

Now is the time to buy in Fredericton. This market will turn around. With the government, Universities, health care sector, and core economic factors we have here in this City, the market will come back up. And when it does, you’ll look like a genius for upgrading or buying that rental property, today.

**Please speak with myself, or a Lawyer before performing any of the actions mentioned in this article.


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What to look for in a Realtor

March 23rd, 2015; What to look for in a Realtor?

This might seem pretty simple. Work with the person you know best, right? After all, they’ll probably be the most honest and serve you the best. Or maybe you should pick the Realtor that has the most listings in the city? Maybe the one that recently came to the real estate market from the public spot light and is well known?

While all these choices could be good for you, and work you should really go through this checklist first.

  • How long have they been in the business?

I could argue that anyone who has not been in the real estate game for more than 5 years could be viewed as inexperienced. The marker fluctuates like any type of market. It truly is beneficial to see the ups and downs along with the years experience in negotiations.

  • Do they even own property?

This may seem like a strange question. But to me it shows that the Realtor is truly confident in the market in which they’re selling. Would you buy a Ford from the car dealer who has a Chevy parked in their spot?

  • What is their educational background?

Surprisingly there are a ton of Realtors out there with a high school diploma only. I’m not one to say there’s anything wrong with that, and in some cases having a highschool degree is a very good thing. However, would you honestly want someone with a grade 12 diploma handling one of the largest transactions of your life?

  • Do they just agree with everything you say?

This might be one of the most important. Sure. We get it. You want the VERY most for your property. When you ask me for my opinion, you’ll get it. The price I estimate for your property may not be the same number in your head, but that’s ok. We can work it out. Would you rather a realtor takes your price (ex $20k higher than market just to get a listing) and waste your time and have your house sit on the market for a year? 

I recently went into a listing presentation and the estimate I gave and the price the home owners wanted was over $30k apart. I could have taken it and just said yes, but I didn’t. Most will. Most will take it for the listing and use it to leverage other homes and do open houses. 

If you ask me for an opinion, don’t be offended. You should be offended if a realtor just says yes to everything you say. We are the professionals in the market and work it everyday. If you ask for an opinion and then don’t take it, then property guys or Kijiji seems right for you. 

This might seem harsh, but it’s the most blunt truth you’ll get. Can you imagine going to the hospital and asking the doctor for surgery. When he recommends a procedure you disagree and suggest another? Sure, pretty dramatic. But you get the idea.



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